Artistic Perspective | ART by LAUREL PHOTOGRAPHY

Every now and then I start acting really weird… stressed, frustrated, anxious, overwhelmed. It happens when the Type A in me does battle with the hippie in me… For example, I need my surroundings gallery clean VERSUS I have four kids and I want them to explore their creativity and enjoy life. For the most part those two sides of me are friendly (well, maybe “cordial” is a better word?). We probably all have these internal conflicts… just let me think we all do so I won’t feel so alone. I also get like this when I’m excited about the future, strangely enough. There are changes coming to my business that will be more clear in the coming months… I’m not keeping it to myself to be secretive, I just honestly am still trying to make sense of it all.

After 11 years of marriage my husband has a sense for when this conflict is building (long stares out the window and bubble baths at 1am usually give it away), and he offers a solution. He sends me out the door with my camera. This time I headed straight to Ann Arbor for antique stores (Antelope Antiques & Coins, and Treasure Mart) and delicious food (Jerusalem Garden). I can’t even explain how much I love Ann Arbor. That city gets me.

The whole day was topped off by opening the files while listening to a steady stream of Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, James Vincent McMorrow… emotional, deep, soothing. And after this day of introspection I am at peace again.




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