Would you love to see your child photographed in an upcoming Laurel Photography editorial photo shoot? I’m always looking for children with unique features (red hair, very long hair, natural curls, freckles, etc.). They don’t need to have modeling experience, but they must take direction well. I’m looking for children of all races, between ages 5-10 years.

What is an editorial shoot? It’s a photo shoot in which clothing, hair, makeup, props, and location are designated to a common theme. Editorials are sometimes done for clothing designers and publications, and sometimes they are done for artistic expression or business promotion. You will have to sign a model release to give permission for images to be owned by Laurel Photography. In return for your time, and your child’s participation, you will be given roughly 5 edited images as digital files with unlimited print rights.

Please submit the following information using the CONTACT link at the top of the page. Include:

- Child’s Age

- Child’s Gender

- Child’s disposition (outgoing, shy, talkative, energetic, calm, silly)

- Modeling experience, if any

- Talent that might be visually interesting, or could be easily incorporated into a shoot (dancer, violinist, equestrian)

- Contact information

After you have contacted me, I will email you back so that you can send me 2-4 images to show full height, facial features and hair (snapshots are great as long as they are clear).

I can’t guarantee that all children will be selected… there are so many variables that determine whether we need a certain “look”. I’ll keep all entries on file throughout the year. THANK YOU for your interest!

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